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Today is a good day for SNAL which has been visited by renown soil Science Professor from University of Maryland, USA.


Prof. Weil with Prof. Camillius Sanga (The Director of SNAL)

Prof. Weil is a Research associate of SUA and has collaborative research with a Dr. Nyambilila Amuri, from the Department of Soil and Geological Science, and also serve as the Director of Undergraduate Studies, at Sokoine University of Agriculture. The research aims to improve soil sulfur fertility for high yield and protein quality legumes.


Prof. Weil with Dr. Nyambilila Amuri (The Director of Undergraduate Studies)

It is a good to know that Prof. Weil started the idealization of drafting his book long time ago when he was a visiting Researcher at Uyole Agricultural Research, now Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute (TARI) Uyole.

He has a number of different book tittles under his co-authorship. The recently donated book to SUA is in Fourth Edition.


We anticipate SUA community will enjoy the reading of the donated book. SNAL appreciate the good will shown by Prof. Weil and welcomes other donor. Prof. Weil remarks is that “I am to inspire all students at SUA to love our soils”