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Students from Ministry of Agriculture Training Institute (MATI – Ilonga) have been advised to have the culture of reading and search for wide knowledge in various agriculture produce and practices. This will not only help them to excel as subject matter experts (SMEs) but also in future they can have self-employment and become next millionaires. This dream can become true if they learn how to apply different best agricultural techniques and adopt innovative and proven agriculture technologies documented into different booklets available at Mkulima collection – SUA.

The advice was given by the Director of Sokoine National Agricultural Library – SNAL Prof. Camilius Sanga when he was talking to them during the visitation at Ministry of Agriculture Training Institute – MATI-Ilonga, Kilosa in Morogoro region.

They were also advised that since they are into agriculture fields by reading and research they can become good writers in various agricultural practices and contribute in building the agricultural information resources by adding them into Mkulima Collection.


Photo: students listening to the presentation made by Mr. Jabir Jabir from SNAL

The visits was done on 14 June 2022 as a continuing series of meetings with agricultural based institutes, community based groups or association and telecentres or information centers. This is a SNAL mission on marketing the research outputs from Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA), Sokoine National Agricultural Library. These research outputs are in form of electronic resources available at our Institutional Repositories (SUAIR & TACCIRE & Mkulima Collection).

During the presentation students and their instructors were keen to listen to the presentations and asked various general questions (i.e. frequent asked questions – FAQs) regarding to the access to information from SNAL for their academics but also specific questions related to agricultural information needs.

MATI – Ilonga has a total of three hundred eight two (382) students. The female are two hundred and ten (210) while males are one hundred and seventy two (172). The institute provides Certificate program in general agriculture as well Diploma program in the fields of general agriculture, food production and human nutrition.

MATI- Ilonga was officially inaugurated on September 17th 1972 by the late father of the Nation Hon. Julius Kambarage Nyerere. The institute provides a two year Certificate program in general agriculture as well as, a Diploma program in the fields of general agriculture, food production and human nutrition. Short courses are also offered to farmers, extension workers and other clients as well.


 Prof. Sanga emphasizes a point when he was talking to MATI-Ilonga students in Kilosa, Morogoro