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Mission to Disseminate and create awareness on access to agricultural information continues to LITA, Morogoro

A team from Sokoine National Agricultural Library – SNAL staff on 10 June, 2022 delivered an introductory session on Mkulima Collection repository, SUA and SNAL activities to the community of students and their lecturers at Livestock Training Agency (LITA) Morogoro campus.

The session aimed to expose LITA students with agricultural information that available at SUA through SNAL and its various information resources which includes the Mkulima Collection repository. The aim is to give easy access to such information to farmers, animal keepers and all others interested in agricultural information needs.

The mission stated in the act no. 21 of 1991 section 6(2)a, which established SNAL where under functions it states that, the Library shall have power among others on serving the library and information needs of agricultural researchers, teachers, students, extension workers, farmers and peasants as well as any other group in need of such information.

Delivering the notes to students and staff of LITA - Morogoro, Mr. Victor Inyasi, SNAL Library officer, emphasized on the need of students and lecturers to understand on the availability of Mkulima Collection Repository, how to use and what kind of information that available since those information will help them in the process of service delivery to their animal keepers clients around the country.

The session attended by two hundred eight three (283) students (107 were males and 176 were females) and twelve (12) staff. Students attended were those taken the basic certificate in Animal Health and Production (NTA Level 4), the Technician Certificate in Animal Health and Production (NTA Level 5) and the Ordinary Diploma in Animal Health and Production (NTA Level 6) and the demand driven short courses.

The LITA Morogoro campus established in 1948 as an Asian Agricultural School. The aim was to train Agricultural Officers to run Asians’ rice farms at Wami – Morogoro. The His Highness Agha Khan in collaboration with by then the Ministry of Agriculture under Colonial Government financed the training.


Mr. Victor Inyasi delivering introductory notes on Mkulima Collection to students and staff at LITA, Morogoro Campus.