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Authorship and publishing skills


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The Sokoine National Agricultural Library (SNAL) would like to inform you that the Emerald group has prepared the "Emerald Guide to Getting Published - Online session", a training concerning authorship and publishing skills for Tanzania's academicians and researchers on Wednesday - 20th May 2020 at 11 am Tanzanian time. The academician/researcher will be required to click on the provided link (see the link below), after clicking the link you are given three options to choose: Download the window app or Join on the web instead/Continue on this browser or Already have the Team app? Launch it now/Open your Teams app. Choose the easiest way you think you will be able and comfortable to use.

If you select "Join on the web instead", you will receive a message after sometimes requiring you to set your audio and video allowing Microsoft Team to use it, then you will be required to write your name and click on "Join now".   

If you choose "Download the window app" the setup will be downloaded and then click on run to install Microsoft Teams app so that you can join the session. Upon successful installation of the app, write your name and click on "Join now".

If you have the Microsoft Teams app on your computer/laptop you can select "Open your Teams app" option, then write your sign-in address and click on "Sign in".

Please find the following link in order to be able to join the session: Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

This is an opportunity especially for young academicians and researchers to get knowledge about authorship and publishing.

Best wishes