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QR codes snal

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Emerging technologies are incredibly improving relationships between customers and service providers or business. Increasingly use of smartphones has triggered efforts towards providing services at finger tips of the customers.

SNAL among others has embraced the movement in variant ways, particularly the use of QR Codes to access OPAC and other electronic information sources. Students, researchers, academic staff and other users can now access the mentioned services by simply scanning QR Codes using their smartphones. The technology has solved the problem of access to OPAC and electronic databases especially during power blackouts and increased number of users.

To use QR Codes in your smartphone follow the following instructions.
Step One: Download/Install QR Code Reader from Play Store or App Store on your smartphone
Step Two: Open QR Code Reader in your smartphone
Step Three: Scan the QR Code to fit in a rectangle box in your screen then click OK
Step Four: Now search information in the OPAC or electronic database provided.

Note: QR Codes are found on the library notes board and information desk. Kindly don’t hesitate to ask librarian in case you need help.


SNAL staff showing users on how to use QR codes to access OPAC services


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