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Libhub is a Resource Management System and information gateway that have been designed to enable discovery and accessibility to online information resources from various sources. It provide single search interface to most of electronic resources subscribed by SNAL through Consortium of Tanzania Universities and Research libraries – COTUL. It also incorporated repositories.

Libhub has over 15 million peer-reviewed journals dating back to 1965; furthermore, there are more than 35,000 e-books, 17,500 journal titles and 380 databases and links.

Using Libhub facilitates the access of information to millions of electronic resources to our library users easily and wherever they are. Libhub is available on library computers through www.libhub.sempertool.dk connected from SUA network and remotely from any internet connected device through http://proxy.sua.ac.tz where users will be required to provide SUASIS user name and password.

Access electronic resources through libhub by using the following link: