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SNAL has a study collections recommended and additional reading available at Main Campus and branch library at the Solomon Mahlangu College of Science and Education (SM-CoSE) libraries. The collection are arranged into categories as indicated below. When users search a library catalogue online or in the library using Open Public Access Catalogue – OPAC in a classification number the location is indicated. It is important to search the catalogue before going straight to the shelves.


Reference Collections

The reference collection in the library is indicated by the letters REF before the classification number. The collection may consist of dictionaries, directories, encyclopedias, and indexes and these items may only be used in the library.


Oversize Collection

This section is indicated by the letters QTO before the classification number. The collection consists of large dictions by size and shape.


General Collection

Documents available under this section are indicated with a classification number. The collection consists of all of the general reading textbooks.


FAO Collection

The documents here are indicated by letters FAO before the classification number. SNAL is a legal depository library from being a National Agricultural library. So Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations deposits their publications in this library and they all set under FAO.



Under this section documents are indicated by letters PAM before the classification number, all small publication in terms of sizes and pagers are set on this section in order to make easier their availability on the shelves.


Mkulima Collection

Under this section documents are indicated by the letters MKL before the classification number. All documents with such letters are available in the special section set for provisions of farmers agricultural information services inside the library at the main campus. You can access also the electronic resources from this collection from the Mkulima repository.


Special Collection

The document here are indicated by the letters SPE before the classification number. Under this section is where by all publications from Sokoine University of Agriculture publications, thesis and dissertations, government documents such as budget speeches, acts and supplements, international organizations and maps can be accessible.


Special Reserve

The documents here are indicated by the letters SPR before the classification number. Most of rarely and important collection and of high use documents are set on this collection which is behind the reception desk.


Journal Collection

SNAL currently do not subscribe to printed format journals. Access to current journals is thorough Electronic Access on LIBHUB and TEEAL. Library users are advised to make use of computer laboratory in both libraries to have access electronic resources through libhub local access or using libhub remote access when using their own connection or university wireless connection around the campuses.