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SNAL has the computer lab full-fledged with computers connected to Internet for users to access e-resources available.
Users are encouraging to make use of electronic services available in the Library. However, they are required to adhere to the regulations governing the use of ICT resources and facilities as stated under Section 4.3 – 4.5 of the SUA ICT policy on acceptable and unacceptable use of ICT facilities at the University. While using the ICT facilities in the library, users are also required to observe the following:

  • All users shall be required to produce their identification cards/forms for library membership before being allowed to use Library electronic resources.
  • For security reasons, no user is allowed to download and install his own program in the Library computers without a permission from library authority
    Priority on the use of Computer available in the Library computer laboratories given on academic needs other than general uses.
  • Damage of computer system or equipment due to negligence, misconduct or mishandling, such as dropping, cutting, spilling liquids, opening up or dismantling the casing or other parts, unauthorized attempt at systems/equipment repair, deleting programs, etc., shall be deliberate damage and any person found guilty of such offence shall be liable to pay for the cost of repair of the damage so caused to the system/equipment by the user(s) or pay its replacement cost, if the damaged system/equipment is irreparable as a direct consequence of deliberate damage by the user(s) as explained above.
  • The Director of the library or his/her designee reserve the right to deny a user access to these recourses when there is substantiated reason to believe that violation of ICT regulations has taken place.