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(a) The right to borrowing is accorded to persons mentioned in (a), (b) and (c) above, but the prior approval of the Director of SNAL or his/her designee shall be necessary in the case of persons who are not members of the University. They will be classified as External borrowers and may borrow upon payment of 10,000/= shillings as Library caution money and 5,000/= shillings annually as membership fees for citizens. Non-citizens who are not affiliated with SUA shall pay USD 50 or equivalent in order to use the Library for a period not exceeding 3 months.

(b) The Director of SNAL shall reserve the right, subject to the approval of the SNAL Board, to prohibit or to restrict the borrowing of certain classes of books and of individual works. There will be a clear indication in such books that they may not be borrowed or that borrowing is restricted.

(c) No book shall be removed from the Library until it has been officially issued to the borrower at the Issue Desk.

(d) For all borrowers except in the case of certain specified items, the loan period shall depend on user category: i) For academic members of staff the loan period shall be 30 days. ii) For the rest of the Library users the loan period shall be 21 days.

(e) The borrower in whose name a book is borrowed shall be solely responsible for returning it.

(f) Any borrower, including a member of the academic staff, who fails to renew or to return books from the general collection on the date due, shall be liable to a fine of 100/- per book each day or fraction thereof until the total fine reaches the replacement cost of the books. The fine for overdue Special Reserve items however is 100/- per hour or fraction thereof. Also no further borrowing shall be allowed to any person who has not returned an overdue book and paid the fine. For members of staff not willing to pay their overdue fines, the fines shall be deducted from their salaries as is applicable in the case of lost Library materials.

(g) Before the end of each semester every Library material held by a borrower (other than External borrower) shall be returned to the Library. After inspection of the books by Library, the borrower who is continuing association with the University by study, employment or special permission may borrow for the long vacation and thereafter.

(h)The refund of deposit due to a student whose courses terminate at the end of the session and who has not returned Library material will be withheld by the Bursar until the material has been returned. An amount equal to the fine incurred will then be charged against the deposit. If the book is not returned at all within 3 months a three hundred per cent in replacement value of the book will be charged against the borrower. In the case of a finalist student his/her Examination and Statement of Results and Transcript shall be withheld by the University until unreturned Library items have been recovered.

For members of staff who have lost Library materials and not willing to pay replacement value of the lost materials, they shall be deductedtheir salaries by the Bursar for recovery of such materials.

Students with either overdue books/fines shall not be allowed to use library facilities until they clear their overdues/fines.

(i) The library reserves the right to recall any book before the date on which it is due. An individual failing to respond to the recall notice shall be liable to overdue fines after 72 hours of receiving the notice, unless he/she has proof of acceptable reasons for not responding to the recall notice.

(j) Books may be reserved. They will be returned to the shelves if not claimed within one week after the notice has been sent to persons reserving them.

(k) Readers are requested not to re-shelve books taken from the shelves for consultation. Library materials should be left on tables/trolleys for re-shelving by Library Staff.

(l) Issue/return of books starts at 9.30 a.m. and stops at 9.30 p.m.

(m) Periodicals, Special Collection and Reference materials shall not be borrowed. Library materials on restricted loan may be borrowed only for the prescribed period.

(n) Readers will be required to show their books, for scrutiny at the exit control, when leaving the library.

(o) Clearance from Library membership on the part of a student (both undergraduate and postgraduate) is mandatory upon completion of his/her studies. In the case of a member of staff clearance shall be done when his/her employment terminates with the University or when he/she leaves the University for at least one year for any reason such as studies, secondment, leave without pay, medical treatment, etc.

(p) The number of volumes an undergraduate student may have at one time shall not exceed five, for a postgraduate student not more than six volumes. An academic member of staff may borrow 10 volumes at one time; an administrative member of staff may borrow 6 volumes and external borrower 3 volumes at a time.