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cataloguing rules

The section of Acquisition, Cataloguing and classification deals with the aspects of knowledge acquisition, processing and management at the University. Among key functions of this department include:

  • Acquisition of information resources including books and journals;
  • Abstracting and indexing services; organization of knowledge through cataloguing and classification - Processes of assigning bibliographic description, subject analysis for material, assigning classification notation and physical preparation of materials to be sent to the shelves for use;
  • Planning and organizing for activities and provision of an environment which is conducive for tapping tacit and explicit knowledge and resource sharing among employees within the University and beyond. 

Aquisition unit

Acquisition of library materials are among core tasks of SNAL; these tasks are usually executed under Acquisition unit. Acquisition unit is a subsection within the Acquisition, cataloguing and classification section. The head of Acquisition unit is  Mr. Mussa ChirwaThe unit is responsible in ordering, receiving, claiming, selecting and evaluating supply source. The unit also receive gift and donations from well wishers. SNAL encourages gift and donations that are current, in good condition and relevant for our users. The unit also receive suggestions for new library materials to acquire from academic staff and students. 

For suggestion of new library materials to acquire for users, kindly email us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Cataloguing and Classification unit

The main objective is to provide access to library information resources by:

  • Creating records in the catalogue for books, serials, video recordings, sound recordings, software, electronic resources, and other types of information in the library.
  • Assigning call numbers and labelling of information resources materials.
  • Maintaining the accuracy of the information in the ABCD system.

Approximately 75% of new information resources materials are catalogued and classified and made available for library use within 48 hours of arriving in the library. Library users needing these items should request them at the Circulation Desk. To report problems, inaccuracies, or confusing entries in the ABCD system, contact the head of the section Mr Revocatus T. Mulimila.

Cataloguing services and policies
Information resources in the Sokoine National Agricultural Library (SNAL) are catalogued according to the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules 2nd edition revised. Library of Congress Subject Headings are assigned when appropriate. Library of Congress (LC) Classification numbers are assigned to all information resources except periodicals.

To have access to the library material you may click the below link
Library catalogue


Staff in Acquisition, Cataloguing and Classification section

  1. Mr. Mulimila R.T., Head: Acquisition, Cataloguing and classification section
  2. Mr. Mussa Chirwa
  3. Mr. Mushi Gilbert
  4. Mr. Alex B. Alphonce
  5. Ms. Ester Chisaki
  6. Mr. Victor Inyasi