Welcome to the Department of Knowledge Management

Prof. Frankwell W. Dulle

Welcome NoteĀ  by Prof. Frankwell W. Dulle (Head of the Department)
The Department of Knowledge Management [DKM] is among the three departments established from the restructuring process of the Sokoine National Agricultural Library (SNAL) in July 2016. The department has 19 staff distributed in three sections namely: acquisitions, cataloguing and classification section; Information and communication technology (ICT) section; and E-resources and institutional repositories section.

DKM is responsible with all aspects of knowledge acquisition, processing and management at the University. Among key functions of this department include: abstracting and indexing services; organization of knowledge through cataloguing and classification - Processes of assigning bibliographic description, subject analysis for material, assigning classification notation and physical preparation of materials to be sent to the shelves for use; planning and organizing for activities and provision of an environment which is conducive for tapping tacit and explicit knowledge and resource sharing among employees within the University and beyond; management of ICT activities including management of SNAL databases, OPAC, Website, maintenances and repair of ICT facilities; and management of institutional repositories: involves collection of all SUA scholarly publications, digitizing and depositing them into the repositories.

Academic staff from the department of knowledge management are also involved in research as well as teaching various courses in aspects of Information and Communication Management across the university. You are welcome to benefit from services offered by DKM.