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  1. Lending services: Any registered library user may borrow library materials.
  2. Training: Sokoine National Agricultural Library offer free of charge training in the use of information resources to enable information users to easily find, evaluate and use information wisely.
  3. Wi-Fi access: The Library and surrounding area has Wi-Fi connectivity to assists library users access electronic resources (on-campus) on their mobile devices.
  4. Services for users' with physical disabilities:
  • Library staff are available and glad to assist physically challenged users to locate and retrieve materials in the library collections. [The library user will be required to provide librarian with the information such as author, call number and title about the text book needed. He/She will be notified as soon as possible on the availability of the requested book(s).
  • For electronic information materials library user will be required to provide his/her research topic and relevant keywords to the librarian who will search on different databases on their behalf.