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DERCO offers Information Literacy Training for Effective Use of Information Sources to Support Research and Learning

To maximize efficiency and effectiveness on student use of subscribed electronic resources for supporting research and effective learning, the department of Reference and Community Information Services (DERCO) has started to implement an Information Literacy Training Program for SNAL users i.e. students. 

This is an ongoing program, which is conducted twice a month i.e. each second and fourth Friday of each month at SNAL Computer Lab, where our library users supposed to register themselves for attendance before or on the day of training  physically at the library’s entrance at issue desk. This is one of the useful trainings that helps to build  skills on information search strategies with less effort in accessing a vast range of available electronic resources both free and subscribed by SNAL. The training offers skills on various information search strategies and how to access scholarly articles from the various databases such as SUA IR, LibHub, EBSCO host, TEEAL, R4L, emeralds, Google Scholar, etc.

IMG 20201222 WA0020

Post graduate students attending Information Literacy training at SNAL computer Lab


We kindly urge our key library users i.e. SUA students to attend this useful training as it will add value to their studies as after acquiring this pertinent skill they will excel in their studies