TCU Exhibition
During TCU exhibition held at Karimjee on 20-22 July 2016
Sokoine National Agricultural Library
ABCD Training workshop
ABCD Training workshop continue at SNAL Computer laboratory from 6th to 10th July 2015. It is facilitated by Prof. Egbert de Smert from Universiteit Antwerpen of Belgium. Participants are from following universities libraries: SUA, IRDP - Dodoma, Mzumbe, Nelson Mandela - Arusha, Mweka, Jordan and Muslim University of Morogoro.

Miriam Markus is a Library assistant at the Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA). Currently, she is working in the Special Collection at the Sokoine National Agricultural Library, SUA.  She holds a certificate on Library and information studies from the School of Library, Archives and Documentation Studies (SLADS) College. Miriam has skills on cataloguing and classification.

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