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Selected new acquired books

  1. Title: Basics of Human Genetics. (2017)
    This book correlates the basics of genetics with clinical aspects of common genetic disorders in a lucid and easy-to-understand manner. Extensive explanation has been given on various branches of cytogenetics, biochemical and molecular genetics for better understanding. The book is essential for undergraduate and postgraduate medical, dental and paramedical students in explaining the elements of human genetics.
  2. Title: Good Agricultural Practices for greenhouse Vegetable Crops: Principles for Mediterranean Climate Areas. (2013)
    This publication discusses the principles of good agricultural practices as they may be applied to greenhouse farming in the Mediterranean climate areas. It illustrate different aspects of greenhouse crop production with special emphasis on greenhouse technologies, design and climate control, cropping systems, especially those practices which help reduce pests and diseases incidence in crops. It is a useful training guide for trainers and resource document for advanced growers and stakeholders of the greenhouse vegetable value chain.
  3. Title: Study skills for Geography, Earth and Environment Science Studies. (2011)
    This book aims to demystify some aspects of University life and study, and to build students’ confidence to learn effectively. Chapters are very short, giving you the basics, some activities to practice and references to other texts and websites. The book is written for students studying Geography, Environmental science, Earth Science and related disciplines.
  4. Title: Information Science in Transition. (2009)
    This is a monograph of papers that have already appeared in journal format. The publication aims at reviewing a wide range of topics under the broad banner of information science, showing how the core concepts had evolved to the current moment. It expresses how traditional information science increasingly merges with information technology to the extent that the word ‘informatics’ and ‘Information science’ are referred to in the plural. It is suitable for students and faculty who deal with informatics, library science, information science and related disciplines.
  5. Title: Research Design: Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methods Approaches. (2009)
    This book advances a framework, a process, and compositional approaches for designing qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods research in the human and social sciences. The book addresses the key elements of the process of research: writing an introduction, stating purpose for the study, identifying research questions and hypothesis, and advancing methods and procedures for data collection and analysis. The book is intended for graduate students and faculty who seek assistance in preparing a plan or proposal for a scholarly journal article, dissertation, or thesis.
  6. Title: Hill tourism: Planning and Development. (2007)
    This book deals with new concepts of tourism, leisure and recreation. It contains the process of tourism development, natural environment as a source, social-cultural and economic aspects of tourism, and suggestions to develop tourism in a planned way. This book would be of interest to all of those students and people who involve in tourism activities.
  7. Title: Methods of Environmental Impact Assessment. (2001)
    This book explains what the major concerns of the environmental impact assessment component specialists are, how data on each environmental component are collected, what standards and regulations apply, how impacts are predicted, what mitigation measures can be used to minimize or eliminate impacts, what some of limitations of these methods are, and where further information can be obtained.



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