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User Statistics of Emerald Insight by SUA staff for 2018 - 2020

Emerald Insight is one of the subscribed resources at SUA that can be accessed while on SUA Local Area Network (Emerald Insight recognizes the SUA IP address, therefore, there is no need for username and password so long as users are using SUA internet connection). Statistics show that this platform is used by very few staff despite the efforts made by SNAL to create awareness on its availability and other e-resources at SNAL.

We encourage all staff to use Emerald insight and other e-resources at SNAL through the Library website or visit the Library for more information.

Emerald insight

To access Emerald Insight click the link below:


To view user statistics of Emerald Insight by SUA staff, including the downloads of articles authored by SUA staff (received from Emerald Insight) for 2018 - 2020, click the link below:

Statistics of Emerald Insight by SUA staff